Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

entry needs

Higher School or college entrance or recognized as equivalent coaching and proof of practical activity of ten weeks in duration (internship). Evidence is later than to provide up to the starting with the fourth term. Having said that, it’s recommended abzuschlie the internship before taking up the study? s. It capabilities a Prufungsordnung to entnehmen.Diese sensible activity (the internship) entfallt for all these who start their studies at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld within the winter semester 2020/2021. You need the internship neither prove nor to enroll at a cultural anthropology research later date. The community service is purely voluntary, for the objective study but helpful and empfehlenswert.Alle Zugangsmoglichkeiten (with technical / Higher College, with foreign products, with qualified qualifications, study program / institution of higher education, and so forth.) could be identified beneath the heading Application (Gruner button).

the Bachelor degree in Electrical engineering trains its students from inside an established and recognized within the qualified world einschlagigen full-time study to engineers or engineers. The study is both standard research and application particular. You will discover theoretical background of and practical capabilities taught to discover because the systematic operation of an engineer or an engineer of electrical engineering.

The system contributes towards the fact both the regional and also the more than regional high demand electrotechnical young engineers to to back up. The acquired Bachelor’s degree gives access to employment and allows direct recording of a corresponding engineering function. Additionally, but this befahigt also for a additional leading Master’s plan.

study course

The Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering includes seven semesters. The study is divided into base, core and extension studies, each extend over two semesters and lockable with the functionality of a practical phase and the preparation on the thesis inside the seventh semester? En.Grund- and core curriculum primarily consist of the teaching of basic expertise from the broad field of electrical engineering. In-depth research, students can optionally be in the field of electric energy and propulsion technology or electronics and automation technologies further know-how erlangen.Nahezu all events are equipped with obligatory laboratory experiments that drove by way of the students with skilled guidance selbststandig and in modern laboratories. As a result, the provision made readily available in the lectures and seminars theoretical information to deepen sustainably with practical application examples.

Optionally, students of Electrical Engineering the opportunity to obtain the more qualification Edu-Tech. By way of the study selection teaching vocational college FH Bielefeld her bachelor’s degree graduates enables to become connected to the Magisterium Masters Course in Paderborn? S.

Electronic and Electrical elements are produced hardly a item of our society now

If you need prefer to choose up on problems and study like dealing with the newest technology, to implement this as an engineer or an engineer in technical solutions, then you are specifically right within a study of electrical engineering at the BO.

Inside the college entrance the technical college is regularly a distinction among the academic as well as the practical portion.